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Heimwerkertools.com was created by DIY enthusiasts for DIY enthusiasts. We know the many challenges our customers face in their construction projects. That is why we have made it our mission to be a reliable partner for our customers in the realisation of their projects. This applies to the passionate do-it-yourselfer as well as to the large property developer.

In order to optimally support our customers in their projects, we rely on two strengths:

  • Competent and friendly advice
  • Quality goods at favourable prices thanks to our excellent contacts to well-known manufacturers

Reliability, friendliness and helpfulness are values that we live by every day in our company. For example, in our advisory service. It goes without saying that we are there to help our customers with any questions they may have regarding the purchase process, shipping etc. However, we go one step further and also actively advise our customers in choosing the right products for them and take the time to answer all their questions in detail.

It goes without saying that we offer our customers only high-quality goods. But that was and is not enough for us. We have been looking for a way to bring these quality goods to our customers at the best possible price. In order to realise this goal, we have built up excellent contacts with well-known manufacturers so that we can avoid costly middlemen and purchase branded goods directly from the manufacturer at great prices. We pass this price advantage directly on to our customers.

Environmental protection

Just like our customers, we are also concerned about the environment. Where possible, we have digitised our accounting, inventory management and other areas to minimise our need for paper. We also issue invoices digitally for our customers and prefer to communicate with them, as well as with our suppliers and partners, by telephone and e-mail. Our employees carpool to work every day.

In the business process itself, we also take care to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. For example, we use recyclable packaging materials for our shipping packages. Waste separation is a matter of course.

At our new location, we fully rely on renewable energies. Electricity and heating are supplied by the pellet heating plant of a nearby farmer, so that we will soon be able to cover 100% of our energy needs with renewable energy. In the future, we also plan to install our own solar power system to generate electricity in an even more environmentally friendly way.

New impulses for Upper Austria and its economy

In addition to its sustainability, the new location is also a symbol of the successful mixture of drive, vision and realism with which Heimwerkertools.com has developed within a few years from a small individual enterprise into a powerful medium-sized trading company that strengthens Upper Austria as a business location, creates new jobs and has successfully taken its place in the Upper Austrian business landscape.

In order to set new impulses for Upper Austria and its economy, it is crucial that we do our part to connect this wonderful region even more intensively with Austria and Europe. For this very reason, we have developed an online offer with which we provide a selection of building and DIY accessories that is unique both in Austria and in Europe. This makes us the first port of call on the Internet and the leading online shop when it comes to high-quality accessories for building projects, not only in Austria but also in Europe, as our export quota of 90% confirms.

Apprenticeship training

Through continuous growth and development, we not only create new jobs, but also train qualified skilled workers. We are one of the first companies in Austria to offer apprentices the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship as an e-commerce merchant with us. We are a training company certified by the WKÖ.

E-commerce, i.e. trading via the Internet, is increasing daily and is becoming an increasingly important aspect for many companies. In order to take this change into account, qualified specialists are needed to support companies in the transition and to be able to master the challenges that arise.

The training to become an e-commerce merchant takes these requirements into account and ensures that Austria's companies will also be equipped for the advancing digitalisation in the future. The broad field of activities from commerce to online marketing and social media to logistics makes this training a diverse and varied apprenticeship.

Team spirit

Ultimately, however, heimwerkertools.com owes its success to a very special group of people: its employees. Without their reliable cooperation, team spirit and willingness to take responsibility, heimwerkertools.com would not be where it is today. That is why we not only reward our employees with fair pay, but also give them a direct share in the company's success through bonus payments. Through training courses offered by our partners, such as Häfele, as well as in-house training courses, we regularly offer our employees the opportunity to further their professional education and to expand their know-how.

Environmental awareness, trust among each other and trustworthiness for our partners and customers are the values on which we want to build our success. It is our declared goal to inspire our customers with an even better range of products and services and thus to continue to provide positive impulses for Upper Austria as a business location.